Jurs Image

Beauty is all around us. It may be a bold combination of colors in the setting sun that takes your breath away. It may be as subtle as a look or smile that reminds you of why you fell in love with that special person. Or, it may be a contemplative look that makes you wonder what that person is thinking. These moments stir our emotions and remind us that we live in a world full of beauty. Jurs Image is about capturing these moments to enjoy for a lifetime.


I begin by getting to know you, your interests, your personality and your passion. This is vital to building the creative environment and finding the perfect setting for the portrait session. During the session I suggest some creative poses and encourage you to just have fun. This is when the creativity really begins to grow. Together we create and capture perfect moments that show your true beauty.

Please contact me for scheduling and rates.

Fred J Jurs

Photography is my passion and I can’t imagine life without a camera in my hands. I am a freelance photographer with over 10 years of experience capturing the beauty around me. I live in Rockledge, Florida with my lovely and supportive wife Donna (who is also an excellent assistant). We enjoy traveling, hiking and visiting friends.